17th May 2018

should abortion be legal?

Should abortion be illegal

Abortion is a women’s legal right and choice.Having a baby is a life-altering change that will affect you and the baby in a negative light if the timing isn’t right. Young girls that have abortions are not emotionally ready to take on the full-time responsibility of caring for a newborn baby. Having a child this early on in their life takes away their opportunities in schooling, therefore not being able to financially provide for their child. Also if woman are not given a safe professionally performed option of abortion it is likely that they’ll seek out abortions that are unsafe and potentially damaging. Many people that are against abortion believe that when the procedure is performed the fetus experiences pain, but in a 2005 study by the university of California it was stated that fetuses are not able to feel pain before the 29th week of pregnancy, since abortions after that time period are prohibited by state laws it is a proven fact that the fetus will feel no pain. 14,000 abortions are due to rape or incest, in this scenario the child is not only unplanned for but is due to a situation where the woman had no power over, it is completely unfair and cruel for her to have to face something like that to then not be given any choice in the matter of caring for a child.It is an obvious fact that abortion should stay legal as it provides young girls and woman with a second chance and not affect the baby and mother negatively.

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  1. Your facts are very powerful and make sense to your paragraph! Next time maybe just work on not over using words in sentences. πŸ™‚

  2. I liked it! Your use of two pieces of evidence strengthened your case, and you linked your ideas fluidly and concisely. Aside from the grammar, I’d love to hear your opinion on the topic other than, β€œIt is an obvious fact…”


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