5th April 2018

Quote Analysis

‘I would the fool were married to her grave”- lady C

To start of this line from lady Capulet is where she’s talking about how she would rather Julietuliet be dead (married to the grave) then to not marry Paris which is what Juliet wants. Firstly this line in its self is hinting at a lot of events to happen very soon in the book but it also puts Juliet in a situation where she has no control over,  as her mother is trying to get her to marry someone when in fact shes already married to Romeo, she also cant even tell any of her family that shes married to Romeo so her mother doesn’t seem to understand why Juliet won’t marry Paris because in her mothers eyes Paris seems to be the perfect guy. This quote is also interesting as it foreshadows the fact that in the near future Juliet will actually be married to her grave because of what just happened. In conclusion, this line may not seem like it holds much significance but it pretty much sums up Juliet’s fate entirely.

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