“…they stumble then run fast.” 

I think this quote from the book is Romeo and Juliet’s love… how they’ve been sort of stumbling through life with no real sense of direction or purpose and then they suddenly meet each other and everything changes drastically in such a small period of time. They both seem to act hastily on their emotions and with them getting married it almost seems that it symbolises the finish line at the end of the run and how their both getting there too quickly.

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  1. Hi Emma,

    I have never thought about reading this quote as you have above. I think (and correct me if I have this wrong), that you are saying that R and J have had no sense of direction until they met each other. Now their life will pick up speed as they begin to find themselves in each other?

    I have always read it like a moment of foreshadowing. These two have fallen in love quickly and it has moved so fast (the running part) that at some point something negative will have to happen to them (the stumble) because they have tried to move too quickly.

    Either way, I am glad to see you engaging with the text in this manner!


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