13th June 2018


With my heart hammering in my chest, I trudged through the deep layers of dead, grey leaves littered onto the gravel pathway. Amidst the crackled broken down bushes, trees which once stood tall and alert now were hunched over, the feeling of grief radiating from the house, taking a toll on all the life surrounding it. As I continue to creep towards the broken down house, I stand on my tippy toes and try to peer into the rundown house. Inside everything is still, a thick dust has settled on the creaky wooden floorboards while porcelain teacups lay in broken shards. Behind the house, I hear the sound of shuffling feet, closer and closer. Without hesitation, I turn and run, sprinting and hopping over the tree stumps. As I continue to run, yelling echoes……..


yea haven’t finished this yet, I maybe will later but probably not cause it doesn’t make much sense. whoop enjoy 🙂

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