“I’ll go to Friar to know his remedy, If all else fail, myself have power to die”

Translation– I will go to Friar to know what to do, if nothing ends up working, I am able to kill myself.

Two key phrases…..

  1. remedy- the remedy could either be advice that he gives her in terms of what to do in her situation or it could mean the poison that he gives her as she thinks that dying would be the only way to escape the situation.
  2. myself have the power to die- she’s saying that if worse comes to worse and she doesn’t get to be with Romeo shes now able to kill herself, as she would rather die than be with someone other than Romeo.

Whole meaning….. this tells the reader that she is willing to be with such great lengths to be with Romeo. It also tells us how she’s going to kill herself and that Friar Lawrence will play a part in this.


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