5th July 2018

Choccie room

Nothing but the grand, gold-rimmed doors stood in my way. I extended my hand and tentatively placed my fingertips against the cool surface of the door. A tingle rippled up my spine in excitement for what was soon to come. Running my hand down the engravements on the door I pushed lightly and immediately it swung open. The landscape that lay in front of me was everything I could ever dream of and more. All my senses were instantly overwhelmed. Scents of sugar, caramel, and soft fluffy marshmallow drifted towards me in a muddled blur.

The cooling touch of the air stroked my skin gently as I eagerly bounced down the steps. Stepping down the last step I stood and observed what was in front of me. In the middle of the room was a vibrant pink river rushing rapidly, looking closer at the river I was able to see the sugar crystals in the dark pink sugar syrup. At the mouth of the river, a whirlpool of syrup was spinning to form puffs of light airy candy floss. Faster than my eyes could follow the whirlpool rockets the candy floss high into the sky so that the floss drifts across the sky like a fluffy cloud on a sunny day. Bordering the magnificent room stood tall lanky trees that swayed oh so slightly in the breeze. Nestled in the luscious green leaves, made out of a vast assortment of bright green delectables were perfectly round gumdrops. Stretching high up onto my tippy toes, I reached for one and plucked it from the tree. It lay perfectly in my hand, glossy and cool to the touch. Popping it into my mouth a million flavors exploded in my mouth sending me straight back to when I was a little kid.

As I continued to chew on the gumdrop I approached the churning river. Crouching down I placed my fingers on the soft ground. Instantly my fingers sunk into the gooey white fluff that made up the river bed. I lifted my finger up to my nose and smelt the rich sweet confectionary. Marshmellow Fluff. Twirling my fingers around in the river bed I started to make delicate patterns, only for the smooth sugar syrup liquid from the river to grasp out and wash them away. Dusk had begun to set and in the darker light, flowers made of sugary sherbet glowed colors of vibrant pinks and electrifying purples that lit up a pathway down the hillside. The pitter patter sound of rain on the soft spongy ground awakened me from my trance. Looking around me I realized that in fact, it was not rain but instead a colorful array of sprinkles drifting down from the vivid night sky. The sprinkles littered the floor like dew desperately clinging on to mossy grass.

What lay in front of me was not a room, there was something so very different about it. Without even realizing it a type of enchantment was taking over me. Suddenly everything felt like too much, the flowers too lively, the sky too lucid, the river too vibrant. An overwhelming feeling started to pound in my chest. The sound of quickening footsteps raced across the room. Tearing through the huge candy floss bushes I was met with the grand gold rimmed door once again. Without hesitation, I barreled straight through the doors.

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