14th June 2018



The slight chill in the air, brushes lightly across your face. Wrapping your jacket tightly around your body, you look up and pause for a second, surveying your surroundings. The sound of high heeled boots, click-clack on the tile floor. The smell of fresh buttery bread drifts down the bustling street, you turn and follow the smell, twisting and turning, determined to locate it. To your right motorbikes speed down the road, playing a vigorous game of cat and mouse. You pass couples sitting on park benches soaking up the sunlight, smiling you continue to venture down the pathway. And there it is. Looking into a large glass window, displays of gleaming tarts, intricate cakes and pastries look like little jewels among the hot steaming loaves of bread. Inside the bakery there is a sort of artful chaos, people walking briskly in and out while others linger, trying to take everything in. You make your purchase and take a seat by an array of food carts. As the day goes on the hustle of the city dies down and is replaced by….

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