4th April 2018

5 minute think 3

“Is love an invention created by humans”

I think that at the start of time like right back when there was the whole chicken and the egg debacle, humans weren’t the first people on earth so they definitely do not get to take credit for ‘creating’ love, if anything the chicken does if you want to look at love as an invention. But in my opinion, I think that love wasn’t created by anyone because its something that comes naturally to you, like having legs wasn’t really an invention it was more of a hey you’ve got legs. Love wasn’t something that was mechanically put together in a lab its something that’s always been there and develops over time.

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  1. Well said!

  2. Nice point of view.

  3. Makes nice, simple sense, I like how you provided an example to back up your opinion. It was super easy to understand yet sophisticated. Love it!

  4. Coming from a good perspective nice

  5. I really like your explain of us being chickens and that it wasn’t created in a lab. also good job on proper sentences and punctuation. 😉

  6. I really liked how you brought a whole ‘chicken and egg’ because it made you look at it in a different perspective. I also liked how you said about how we ‘didn’t create legs’.


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